Journal of Structural Mechanics 50 years anniversary seminar
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Thematic sessions

Participants are couraged to organize thematic sessions in the field of mechanics. If you are interested, please, send your proposal to the conference organizers by e-mail: RM50@tut.fi. All what is needed is a descriptive name of the session and the name/names and contact information of the session organizers. If you have questions related to the thematic sessions, please contact the seminar organizers.

Deadline for the thematic session proposals is May 15.

Remember that the seminar is bilingual, papers and presentations in both Finnish and English languages are allowed.

Accepted thematic sessions

Models, methods and applications of structural analysis/Rakenneanalyysin mallit, menetelmät ja sovellukset
Organized by Jarkko Niiranen, Antti Niemi, e-mail: jarkko.niiranen(at)aalto.fi, antti.niemi(at)oulu.fi

Multi scale modelling of materials/Materiaalien moniskaalamallinnus
Organized by Anssi Laukkanen, Merja Sippola, e-mail: anssi.laukkanen(at)vtt.fi, merja.sippola(at)vtt.fi

Mathematical methods in mechanics/Mekaniikan matemaattiset menetelmät
Organized by Heikki Orelma, e-mail: heikki.orelma(at)tut.fi

Computational methods in industry/Teollisuuden laskennalliset menetelmät
Organized by Tero Frondelius, e-mail: tero.frondelius(at)wartsila.com

Fretting fatigue modeling and measurements/Kitkaväsymisen mallintaminen ja mittaukset
Organized by Arto Lehtovaara, e-mail: arto.lehtovaara(at)tut.fi

Fatigue of materials and structures/Materiaalien ja rakenteiden väsyminen
Organized by Timo Björk, e-mail: timo.bjork(at)lut.fi, Reijo Kouhia, e-mail: reijo.kouhia(at)tut.fi and Heikki Remes, e-mail: heikki.remes(at)aalto.fi

Organized by Anouar Belahcen, e-mail: anouar.belahcen(at)aalto.fi, Kari Tammi, e-mail: kari.tammi(at)aalto.fi

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